Educational programmes


I teach all levels of dressage and show jumping. I use a headset so it is easy to understand what I say.

I hold a lot of courses in Sweden, Germany and around our vast country – Norway.

In the two-day courses, I try to organise a theory in the evening so that the students get a better understanding of the riding lessons.

My riding lessons are 40 minutes long and the price varies slightly depending on how far it is to travel to where you live.


After the Corona crisis, there has been a huge interest in online classes. I have many students who ride for a fixed time every week. The price is 400.- kr.

Technically, it’s quite simple.

  1. You have a friend who is friends with me on Facebook – they film you over messenger. You ride with headphones. If the connection is poor or you want the filmmakers to listen to the lesson, I call you on your phone that you have in your pocket with headphones.
  2. Some of the students have gone shopping and the Pivo camera follows automatically. The price for Pivo is around 2000 NOK.
  3. Sometimes over Skype or Zoom – that works great too.


Over the past year, I’ve held a number of webinars on horse and equestrian topics. This has been very popular as today’s riders have become more curious about everything around the horse and of course the classic riding lessons. These sessions are posted on Facebook, Instagram and my website www.lilliangrepne.com


I have on several occasions given talks at annual meetings or club meetings for different riding clubs around the country. My presentations are usually around 60 minutes + opportunity to ask questions. Feel free to contact me by email: lillian.grepne@gmail.com Lectures cover all topics in equestrian sports and are suitable for all age groups.